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Three Social Media Marketing Tips

                Tracy Swain, the founder and owner of eTelligent Strategies, has created three videos concerning social media for a small business. Her three tips are: outsourcing, one message across multiple channels, and to follow social media outlets your customers or clients are located.                 Swain’s first video is about outsourcing. Basically, the best and easiest … Continue reading

Twitter? How important can that be?

How important can Twitter really be for a small business? How do you use it? How to you gage how useful it is being for said small business? There is a multitude of ways to use Twitter for small businesses and it is an extremely good tool of which to take advantage. Dr. Ralph Wilson … Continue reading

The FIVE Tools a Small Business Should Not Go Without!

Small businesses are not solely about starting up some company to just make yourself feel good and to be your own boss. Small businesses are our link as consumers to a world full of possibilities. A small business can be anything. A small business can be loved and do well, or it can be mediocre … Continue reading


Hello, and welcome, to the HotBox Originals Blog. My name is Mindi, I am currently a student at Maryville Universiry in Saint Louis. My significant other, Matt (along with a number of his friends), and I have been collaborating for a few months to create HotBox. It is our baby. Although HotBox has not been created officially, … Continue reading

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