The FIVE Tools a Small Business Should Not Go Without!

Small businesses are not solely about starting up some company to just make yourself feel good and to be your own boss. Small businesses are our link as consumers to a world full of possibilities. A small business can be anything. A small business can be loved and do well, or it can be mediocre and fail. But above all, a small business needs to create its own name to succeed.

What better way to do this than to create a brand and a positive reputation to back it up? Small businesses are not able to just “throw away” customers because the customer does not like something about the store. Ever heard of the saying, “the customer is always right?” Although you may not think they are right, they have the opportunity to make or break a business with just a few words to some friends.

It is a well-known fact that we are in the informational age and we can gain all sorts of stunning information on Sally’s Bakery online or on the television. However, if my friend, Dan, did not have a good experience there and he told me all about Sally’s Bakery’s horrible food, I am not going there.

People tend to trust their friends more than your advertising. Therefore, I suggest checking out an article I found on Social Media Explorer that explains how to improve and maintain a good relationship with customers and clients.

Basically, there are five different aspects they tell small businesses to consider: honesty to the company and the customers, looking at shared media from a customer perspective, keeping in line with customer needs and wants, allowing customers to interact with your small business, and giving them an exceptional experience they are likely to remember. Armed with these five weapons and done correctly, no small business should fail because of customer dislike.

In order to use these tools a little more effectively, I will give a little run down. Number one: you have to be honest with your company and your customers. To do this, you must look at the company and decide if your motto is parallel with your actions. “Always helping people” does not coincide with telling customers you cannot help them. Do you live up to your own expectations as well as customer expectations?

Number two: take a look at your public information from a customer’s point of view. If you, yourself can barely understand the information displayed on your site, how do you expect an outsider to understand? Number three: keep a great relationship with your customers. Self-explanatory, to say the least.

Number four: give customers a chance to impact your business. If they have something to say about your brand or have a complaint, allow them the chance to get it out on your website directly to you. If you are trying to make a goal as a business, allow them to try to help on your site. Challenge them.

Number five: your customers are number one. Make your customers feel special and make them want to come back to your services or products. Human relations is one of the most important things you need to remember throughout your career and throughout your management of your small business.


Make sure you check out the article for more information about these five tools.

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