Three Social Media Marketing Tips

                Tracy Swain, the founder and owner of eTelligent Strategies, has created three videos concerning social media for a small business. Her three tips are: outsourcing, one message across multiple channels, and to follow social media outlets your customers or clients are located.

                Swain’s first video is about outsourcing. Basically, the best and easiest way to monitor your small business’ social media is to have an expert do it. Meet up with said expert, strategize a plan that works well for your business, and then have them implement the plan and monitor it as needed. The great aspect about this is that someone else will be controlling the social media and now you as a business owner can maintain and run your business (which is what you wanted to do in the first place).

                She also mentions that one should try to come up with one message to come out across many channels when she is speaking about outsourcing.  I both agree and disagree with this statement. Yes, you should want your sites to be uniform and organized. Yes, having the same message across multiple channels allows you to reach more of your possible customers or clientele. But, if you just send the exact same message, coupon, or deal through all of your social media outlets then your audience will quickly lose interest and may even become annoyed. There needs to be a good balance in order for her advice to work well.

                Swain’s second video tip was about those business owners who may not have the funding to hire someone to outsource but may be able to find the time to do it themselves. She gives four good platforms for one message to get to all of the outlets easily and painlessly. Her suggested sites include: HootSuite, TweetDeck, Posterous Space, and Timely. Timely is the coolest of them all, in my opinion, because you can actually program what you want your tweet(s) to say and when you want them to be sent out via Twitter. How neat!

                Swain’s third video tip was for those business owners that still want to be in the world of social media but may not have the time, money, or patience to outsource or do it all themselves. Swain suggests taking a look at your small business’ customers or clients and deciding what site they might frequent most. Then focus all of your efforts on this one social media outlet to reach a majority of your customers or clients. It may not, however, reach all of them.

                A good example of this would be my situation: I want to start an art business. Therefore, many of my potential customers will probably not be on LinkedIn. I should try to focus my efforts on Etsy, Deviant Art, and Facebook sites to connect with those I can.

                To sum it all up, there are three things to focus on when dealing with small business social media. If you can, outsource someone. If you have the time but not the funding, do it yourself with the easy platforms that combine everything. Finally, if you have neither time nor funding, focus on one or two sites where you will reach most of your audience.



Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:


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