Twitter? How important can that be?

How important can Twitter really be for a small business? How do you use it? How to you gage how useful it is being for said small business? There is a multitude of ways to use Twitter for small businesses and it is an extremely good tool of which to take advantage. Dr. Ralph Wilson videoed an interview he conducted with Avinash Kaushik, a Twitter professional of sorts, in California during May of 2009.

Kaushik currently has over 71,000 followers. Although he is no small business, he has some advice for small businesses. His major points include: what to tweet, a couple of good examples of small businesses that have been successful with Twitter, three analytic tools, and two things to follow in order to make your Twitter account more customer-oriented.

                What should we tweet about? Kaushik says that no one should post unless the post is “interesting, useful, and relevant.” Simply put, do you or would you follow someone who lets the world know that they had cereal for breakfast every morning? Or if they consistently told you every aspect of their day as it happened? Therefore, only tweet when it will be useful to the customer or the Twitter community in general.

There were two examples Kaushik spoke of in his interview that I particularly enjoyed. His first was concerning a hairdresser in New York. He may not be interested in make-up and hair, but her name (@daramascara) and her tweets are quite interesting, so he follows her.

His second example is about Kogi Korean BBQ (@kogibbq). They are a taco truck that tweets each time they are in a new location serving their food. This is a very unique technique for an on-the-go food service that has proven to be extremely successful. Twitter is faster than E-mail and only interested people can receive the information, which is why they announce their location this way.

                Kaushik then goes on to explain a few analytical tools. The first is called Retweetist at which follows how many times a tweet has been retweeted. A second is called Tweet Rank at which follows and analyzes how you and your followers interact. Finally, there is a tool called TR.IM which follows all of the links you have submitted and then how many have clicked said link.

Alongside these three analytic tools, Kaushik uses two other tools that will keep a small business more customer-oriented. He suggests watching both how many people are following you as well as what kinds of posts are well-liked. If you follow these two items, you will be able to learn how to attract your customers’ attention better and to gain more followers (most-likely) in the process. End result: your business is growing by the new word of mouth called Twitter.

I suggest checking out this video and to take in to consideration what Avinash Kaushik has to say about Twitter. The video contains a lot of good information more in-depth and the blog contains the links to the analytic tools as well as the Twitter account of the Kogi Korean BBQ. Moving from 7,000 followers in 2009 to 71,000 in 2012, Kaushik has to be doing something right!


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