Hello, and welcome, to the HotBox Originals Blog. My name is Mindi, I am currently a student at Maryville Universiry in Saint Louis. My significant other, Matt (along with a number of his friends), and I have been collaborating for a few months to create HotBox. It is our baby. Although HotBox has not been created officially, we want to start getting our names out there, as well as our main ideas and goals for this future company.

HotBox is going to begin as a small art business, and with a lot of hard work and dedication it will become a thriving artistic and creative center. All of those collaborating are extremely art-minded in some way, shape, or form, and we would like to reach art out to the public in our own way. Our main focuses will be on buying/selling art and literature pieces, gaining notice of the other local artists and creators, and eventually holding art courses once we incorporate a studio. A final goal would be to begin a video game. Currently, we have three members working on an Android App for a test drive of their ideas.

In the beginning of HotBox’s life, Etsy will be a major facilitator. As we begin to raise the capitol needed to create this momentous dream of ours, we will try to begin selling art pieces online through this great online art store that reaches people all over the world. Any and all commissioned works are welcome. In fact I am in the process of working on one, myself. Fundraising will soon become a part of what we do, too. Not only do we want to raise funds for the creation of HotBox (which will be the original purpose), but once we are stable we would like to reach out and help the community through artistic events and other fundraising events.

When we raise the money needed to create HotBox, we will move to collaborate with any and all interested persons to create a living, breathing, and active environment for work and play. Creating art that affects our community, and perhaps in the future the world, is our main concern.

For now, that is the basic plan. An in-depth one is yet to be created. Once is has been established I will post updates.

Wish us luck!

-HotBox Originals.


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